PhotoSummer: Artist's Statement

Jose Ney


The photographs I use in Passports are taken of immigrants fleeing their countries due to a great danger to their lives. It is possible that most of them are accepted as refugees for an indefinite period, others only temporarily and the most unfortunate will be deported to their countries of origin.

They often tell me their stories, many of them totally heartbreaking.

Passport, Self-portrait and Introspection, belong to the series Puzzles where I try to transmit the feelings, the anguish and the psychological conflict of the forced migrants. Stories (I include myself) that mix and develop randomly in different directions.

The works of Introspection, are a relation of exterior proposals with windows towards the interior (three dimensions). Each piece is a personal self-reflection through the graphics of memory, as guides in the search for that identity or vision, on the process of its formation and transmutation.