Artist's Statement

Allison Plass

Digital Prints 8"x10" or 16"x20"

In my series Hold Me Tight, I explore moments of intimacy and vulnerability between my husband and two teenage sons, often while on family vacations in nature. A kind of sensory aliveness takes hold and I see their changing bodies, in adolescence and midlife, register so much feeling. The sculptural quality of their forms reminds me of early ideas of classical beauty, and the stories and struggles of manhood in Ancient Greek myth.  Their physical interactions too, distilled in a photograph, reveal heightened tensions of closeness that are familiar scenes throughout the history of Western art, yet speak to a resonance I might not otherwise see in daily life or in contemporary representations of male relationships. Inspired by art history, psychology, and Greek myth, I explore the question of whether there exists an inherently masculine experience and reflect on the biases of our own cultural moment of narrow societal ideas of manhood.  And standing just outside their intimate circle, I often recognize myself in these moments, the masculine and feminine within each of us, by holding up these tensions in the light.