Artist's Statement

Ellen Friedlander

10” x 24” Archival Pigment Prints

In the often chaotic and overwhelming pace of life, I use my camera to create a non-linear diary of the places and experiences that have been imprinted on my psyche. The creation of my extended frame format has allowed me to more completely convey a visual narrative of the overly stimulating multi-sensory experience felt across urban environments. These individual photographs - and the subjects within them - are placed in conversation with each other to explore dichotomies of public vs. private, unity vs. isolation, the collective vs. the individual. The resulting scenes transport the viewer to new, imagined environments even as visual inconsistencies disrupt the illusion where two frames meet. Simultaneously both distinct and interlinked, these images reveal unexpected connections, challenging our idea of what is real and reflecting on the unpredictable, idiosyncratic, and inscrutable nature of the human experience.

In every photograph of the extended frame collection, there is an emphasis on humanity’s occupation of space. I am creating new narratives of what we see on the street to consider how our urban scenes are changing and merging. "The Extended Frame: A Collection of Urban Stories" calls on the viewer to actually extend their stay on the visual imagery and take pause within the chaos.