Artist's Statement

Meg Roussos

"Pseudo Night" utilizes photography to explore the representation and sublimation of walking through a landscape. This photographic series meditates on the physicality of walking, interpretation of my surroundings, and how those two ideas correlate. These images are an immersive experience of what it is like to travel through time and space. I photograph during the day to represent nights-capes. This approach is influenced by old Western films that would film night scenes during the day. I use this technique to create a scene that isn’t natural. I am conceptually drawn to the idea of what is more real, an observational photograph of the trail at night, or a constructed one? What is truer to the experience and how can I relay that to my viewers? These night scenes reflect a suspended moment in time that happens during my long walks. The carving of roads and single track trails show the impact of human presence. Playing with traditional troupes in imagery, such as the Rückenfigur or presence through absence, these images both invite and caution one to the edge of the woods.