Artist's Statement

Natalia Neuhaus

During the pandemic, a ragtag collective of burlesque performers was forced to evolve from traditional stages and adapt to perform out in the open. Before Covid, they commanded stages like The Slipper Room and now they are performing in private backyards and abandoned bunkers on the beach.

The closure of traditional venues has opened other doors. The women are now bolder and in control of the content in their shows. They decide when, and where these events will take place. Unlike precovid times, when most of the shows were produced and hosted by men, these pandemic shows brightened by the moon, and the stars, are choreographed and produced exclusively by women for everyone.

The performers have day jobs that pay the rent and the cost of living. Their professions range from professors, doulas, astronomers, and essential workers. They use burlesque to reclaim ownership of their bodies. There is no shame or regrets in the world of burlesque, the only regret is not being able to perform. Performing for them is a necessity in order to survive, it’s ingrained in their DNA bonding them as a family.